Below is an itemized list of all our current specification sheets for your download. Let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can't seem to find what you are looking for. We are here to help make sure you have the information about the product you are purchasing.
F cont'd
128 Series FLP 1x4 Series PAL Series
131 Series FLP 2x2 Series PARA Series
131WW Series FL-RGA Series PARA12C Series
135 Series FP2 2x4 Series PARA18C Series
153 Series FV4 Series Parabolic Retrofit Kit
159 Series FV6 Series PEW/PES Series
22 Series FV8 Series PFCN Series
22C Series FV8E2642MV Series PH Series
22P Series   PIN Series
23 Series
PL131 Series
24C Series Globe Series PLELRXTE Series
24P Series GOW Series PLIN Series
200 Series GP Series Plug-in Fluorescents
201 Series GT Series PLWB Series
202 Series PLWC Series
207 Series
PLWD Series
209 Series H2L Series PLWE Series
209 OAK Series H4L Series PLWF Series
215 Series H5L Series Polycarbonate Cylinders
315 Series H6L Series PPDI Series
44 Series H5L/H6L Wireguard Series PRL Series
44 Plus Joiner Box HB Series PRP Series
4RB Series HB131 Series PRW Series
44R Series HBC Series PT Series
44W Series HBG Series PUFF Series
4in_Line[F5] Series HBL Series  
5HBD Series HBN Series
555 Series HBP Series R1 Series
66 Series - Linear HBPDF Series R2 Series
66 Series - Wall HBT Series R5HO Series
6in Line Voltage HBTDF Series RBS Series
7HBD Series HBW Series RDI Series
8RB Series HC Series Recessed Downlights
  HID High Bays RELXTE Series
HID Lamps Retrofit Doorframe
ACA Series High Performance Options RGA Series
ACO Series HMS Series RH Series
AOL Series HOL Series RH1 Series
AOP Series HOP Series RH2 Series
AOW Series HOTBD Series RH16 Series
APW Series HOTBH Series RH-Indoor Series
AR822 Series HOTBI Series RH WP Series
AR837 Series HOTBL Series RK Series
AVP Series HOTBM Series RMR16-65 Series
HOTBR Series RMR-WP Series
HOTCA Series RRK Series
Ballasts HOTCD Series  
BAL Series HOTCK Series
BAL500 Series HOTCL Series S Series
BAL650 Series HOTCM Series SABL Series
BAL700 Series HOTCN Series SAL Series
BAL1400 Series HOTCQ Series SBRDI Series
BAL3000 Series HOTCT Series SE Series
BALT5-1300 Series HOTCV Series SEI Series
BAW Series HOTCW Series SES2.5 Series
BBP Series HOTDG Series SFC Series
BCC Series HOTOA Series SHCRV Series
BDI Series HOTSFD Series SHDBI Series
BKA Series HOTW Series SHFLP 1x4 Series
BKR Series HOTWB Series SHFLP 2x2 Series
BKS Series HOTWD Series SHLCI Series
BKV Series HOTWF Series SHILI Series
BOL Series HOTWG Series SHLXT Series
BPC Series HOTWH Series SHPARA Series
BPF Series HOTWV Series SHRDI Series
BPW Series HOTWW Series SHUC Series
BRW Series HOW Series SHUCLL1x4 Series
BWT Series HTL Series SHUD Series
BZSF Series HTP Series SHUDLL Series
HTW Series SKB Series
SKD Series
C Series SKR Series
CBP Series Incandescent Lamps SLSL Series
CCFS Series ILI Series SM Series
CEO Series IND Series SM302 Series
CER Series INFT Series SM392 Series
CFL Downlight IPX Series SM727 Series
CH Series IRD Series SmartSense
CIRDC Series IRK Series SmartSenseHBT Series
CIT Series ITB Series Smoke Detectors
CIT4 Series SP Series
CITA Series
SPARA Series
CITE Series K Series SRC Series
CITI Series KDS Series SS Series
CLM Series KDS2 Series SS213 Series
CLPU Series KDSM Series SSWLIN Series
COL Series KDST8 Series ST1 Series
Compact Fluorescents KL Series ST2 Series
COP Series KWTE Series Steel Poles
COW Series KXTE Series STGKD (T5) Series
CRV Series KZXTE Series STGKD (T8) Series
CRWN Series STGKD1 Series
CS Series
STGKD2 Series
CT3 Series LAF Series SWP PL Series
CV200 Series Lamp Diffusers
CV300 Series LB Series T55 Linear Series
CV400 Series LCO Series TEN Series
CV500 Series LDB Series TFC Series
CV800 Series LDS Series TFX2 Series
CWLXTE Series LED4 Series THB Series
CXTE Series LEDD Series TIE Series
CXTE-RC Series LEDDUCL Series TOA Series
LEDL Series TOL Series
LEDR1 Series TOP Series
D2D Series LEDR2 Series Transformers
DBEL Series LEDR5HO Series Troffer Retrofit Kit
DC050 Series LEDRS Series TRS Series
DC052 Series LEDRT Series TSSKD Series
DC0250 Series LEDT Series  
DC100 Series LEDT8 Lamp
DC150 Series LEDTFX Series UC Series
DC200 Series LEDXCTE Series UC1x4
DC250 Series LET60AC Series UC2x4
DC530 Series LET75 Series UCL Series
DC555 Series LET151AC Series UCLR Series
DC570 Series LET151DC Series UCPF Series
DC570FT Series LET201 Series UD Series
DC650 Series LET30312AC Series UDLR Series
DCC Series LET30312DC Series UDPF Series
DH Series LET30324AC Series
DID Series LFL-FLOOD Series
Dimmable Ballasts LFL-WALL Series VAN Series
Dimmable CFLs LIN Series Vanity Fixtures-HOT
DKS Series Linear Fluorescents VHB Series
DLTB Series LINWH Series VHB1 Series
Door & Lens Options LINLV Series VP Series
Door Chime Kit LINMW Series VPC Series
Doorframe Retrofit Kit LIN PF Series VPP Series
DPO Series LLS Series VPW Series
DXR Series LSL Series
LST Series
LTX Series WCC Series
ECL Series LUM Series WD207 Series
ELXTE Series LUT Series WG Series
EM Series LUT555 Series WG1 Wire Guards
Emergency Ballasts LVS Series Wire Disconnect
EO Series LVS6 Series Wiring Options
EOG Series LVT Series WLEZXTE Series
EOS Series LVT151AC Series WLIN Series
ER Series LVT151DC Series WLTB Series
ERG Series LVT303AC Series WLXTE Series
ESOV Series LVT30312DC Series WP Series
ESS4 Series LWP Series WPC Series
EVL Series LXT Series WPS Series
EWW Series   WPU Series
WPW Series
EZXTEU Series MDF Series WSB Series
  MDT Series WST Series
MFT Series
F1010 Series Mounting Kits
F1212 Series MJJ Series X Series
F1302 Series MLW Series X120 Series
F1303 Series MPUFF Series Xenon Series
F4 Series MVAN Series XTE Series
F5 Series MWP Series  
F6 Series  
F601AL2 Series
F601AL2[IC] Series NOB Series  
F601AL2GU24 Series NOP Series  
F9595 Series NOW Series  
FBM Series  
FH6 Series
FH6E226MV Series OAK-Ends Series  
FH8 Series OAK-Frame Series  
FH8E242MV Series OAK Series  
FHB Series OAK209 Series  
FIK Series Occupancy Sensors  
FL Series OSL Series  
FL560 Series    
FLP Series    

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All of our specification sheets are designed to give you a complete detailed look into the product that you are purchasing. For any new or customized product and are in need of a specification sheet please contact our sales with the details.